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Barbara Bandy




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Linda Dicks Evand
What a beautiful and generous saint. Truly had the gift of hospitality. Loved her dearly. Will miss her kind heart and laughter. Always treated me like one of her own.

Ruth Hunter
Barbara\'s sister Ona is my next door neighbor. I met Barbara when Ona was out of town and she was decorating Ona\'s front yard with pink flamingos. Barbara was having grand time!

Tim McNeal
Barbara Bandy was a true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ very appreciative of how the Lord Jesus took her sins upon Himself as he died in her place and rose again. Her life was as one who sat in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Her place will be greatly missed her shoes desperately need to be filled more than ever. Who will step up to serve their generation as she did? Where are the godly servants who will fully yielded to their master as she did? Our prayers are with her large and extended family during this time of loss. Barbra Iíll miss your sparkling eyes shiny face and wonderful smile that has been so full of the Lord of the Lord Jesus all these years. with tears- Tim