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Duane Timmerberg




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Miss you already pa. I always enjoyed going fishing with you and will always remember the first shot I took with a shotgun. I was pretty little and you said it might have a kick too strong for me, but I was determined to try anyway. Sure enough, it knocked me backwards right on my butt. I dropped the gun and ran away crying under a big pine tree. You came after me and calmed me down. I donít think you talked me into shooting again that day, but you gave me confidence to try again. You were at all my big moments in life. You came down to Fort Leonard Wood for my graduations. I remember sitting around a table at Cracker Barrel after my basic training graduation and I was ragaling you all with stories from training, perhaps using more colorful language than you had heard me use before. You sat there quietly listening and then you told me I came out of training looking just as pretty, except my mouth was quite a bit dirtier. You changed into overalls at my wedding reception and even left the tags on so everyone would know they were brand new for the special occasion. I was your one and only granddaughter for a while there until Brookie came along and stole my thunder. But I am so glad she did. She held her own and was a good buddy for you to get into trouble with, but I think she kept you out of trouble sometimes too. You will be missed by a lot of folks, even outside the family. We could always count on you for a good joke. You brought smiles to a lot of faces. I know how much you enjoyed delivering meals on wheels and helping out the community. You were always ready to give and help out wherever it was needed. You were a good grandpa and I hope you are now getting all the chocolate milk your heart desires. Missing you in Wisconsin, Miss Renate

Mary Sue Toedebusch
IdaMae, Sending sincere sympathy to you at your loss of that special guy. Remember the good memories,

Diana Lundy
Duane was a real treasure and a fun guy to be around. He had such a good heart and was tireless in his mission to help others. Heaven has quite the Prankster Angel on their hands. We still here on Earth will miss his booming voice and signature walk. So glad to have known him.

Janice Holt
Ida, So many wonderful memories from when dad and Duane worked together. We loved when you all would come for Christmas parties. Love you all. Sincerely, Janice Mertens Holt

Patricia Jones
I have only known Duane a year while serving on the Senior Center Board with him. In that time, I watched as he was always busy, also, willing to help when anyone needed him. I will miss his always positive attitude. God Bless his family in this sad time.