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James Longshore




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Nancy and Ollie
God bless you on your journey of peace and happiness ❤️

Craig Hacker
Iíve been a friend Steveís my whole life and was heartbroken to learn of his passing. A nice guy with a strong set of core values who was always willing to help others. When my mother lost her battle to cancer Steve helped out with the estate sale and kept an eye on her empty house. One day I was there, getting the house ready to sell, and he saw the doors were open. He came in and said ďI just wanted to make sure I didnít have to kick some assĒ Big grin! Classic Steve! Thatís how Iíll always remember him, kind heart with a tough side who ALWAYS had your back.

Clark McLean
It was a sad day when I heard Steve passed. We had some good times together over the past 35 years. You will be truly missed. Rest In Peace my friend, until we meet again.

Donna (Baden) Reeves
So sad to hear of Steve\'s passing. He was my 1st love. My favorite memory was his 16th birthday. I had planned a surprise party for him. Well, he had gotten grounded (that happened on occasion :). I was freaking out! My mom talked his mom into grounding him to our house! LOL! Every Oct 20th, since that one, I whisper \"Happy Birthday Steve\". You never forget your first love. RIP Steve.